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The VHS was launched in 1976 and was developed by JVC.  It was a popular format for early consumer video cameras and was a major contributor to the television industry.  Don’t let your VHS tapes deteriorate in a draw in your home, send them to us, we can transfer your VHS tapes to DVD.


The VHS-C is more compact than the VHS and was launched in the 1980’s as a response to the demand for smaller consumer recording camcorders.  At DVD Copying Direct we can transfer your VHS-C videos to DVD.  Our affordable trade prices mean you can convert them for family and friends too.

Video 8

The Video8 format was a huge competitor for the VHS-C, and was considered a better format.  It was specifically designed for camcorders and was the first mini cassette, however it didn’t have the advantage of being compatible with the VHS machine.
Why not let our professional team convert your Video8 cassettes to DVD and we'll bring your home movies to life again.

Mini DV

The Mini DV was first introduced in 1998; it was a digital video tape that was a popular choice for home video cameras as it delivered sound and video in an extremely high quality.  Send us your Mini DV tapes and we’ll convert them to DVD for hours of family fun.

Hi8/ Digital 8

Hi8/Digital8 was introduced in the late 1990’s and replaced the video8 due to the higher resolution.  At DVD Copying Direct we are a UK based company and will transfer your Hi8 and Digital8 tapes to DVD, contact us on 0800 716000.

Other Services Include:

Cine Film to DVD

If you have memories captured on Cine Film send them to us at DVD Copying Direct, we can transfer colour and black and white formats using state of the art equipment.  Prices will be quoted on request.